Friday, July 22, 2011

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off | Video on

This guy is still rocking it. I found his book a long time ago, the one that has the german shepherd printed in red and green with a red transparent slip cover, so when the cover is on he looks nice and when you take it off you can see the slavering jaws. But now he's working on some kind of movie and it looks awesome.

Monday, February 21, 2011

спещите видеть! [Hurry and see! (formal)]

Were you aware that the American Bison is related to the European Wisent? They still live in the forests of poland and germany, and were a big part of the Heck Cattle project to recreate an aesthetic twin of the extinct Auroch.


Watch out now, let’s not be fucking everything up. Let’s not be…be-OW! Let’s not scrape our eyeballs out- fuck.


Names that sound good but would not work in US, and also that look better written in english:

1: Nastia (vs. настя)

2: Vika (vs. вика)


things I do that I got from joel:

save plastic bags for rain protection use

save rubber bands for whatever

calculate expenses

Friday, February 4, 2011

No me digas/Tú, él de la razón.

Un ou de doble rovall! Qué sort! De les pollastres de la casa. Bé, de una pollastre específic.
Estic acá, un altre día a la casa nova. Em sé. Vaig emprendre el día amb ganes de fer gran cosa, ja vaig trucar Goodwill, també Value Village i després de tot vaig tornar a midar les portes de la casa i decideixo que encara té més raó intentar de ficar l'escriptori d'en Beck al quart nou que gastar diners que no en tinc en dos arxivadors per a fer-me un. Suposo que...doncs m'agradaría tenir treball aquest día, o bé, que Beck sigui a casa. Però no. Sembla que tindré que practicar Català aquí, i Rus en Quizlet, i lamentar ho que no en tinc. O dibuixar. O fer la feina de buscar un treball. Millor això, a que si? Doncs som-hi!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Okay, so this has to be quick, because it's already 1.40 a.m. and I swore to myself for my looks I would start going to bed sooner. La madre que me parió! But I am so inspired, enthralled, enthused about the redesign I just did on this blog - after years and years! - that I must write something. I've been reading back over some of the old ones, and they really are good. I mean, I'm glad I wrote what I did, and I just wish I had written more about everything.
So let's see. About the here and now. Maybe I'll make a list of things that make me happy, like Lauren and I did the other day. We just had lasagna night at Lauren's with Anna and then walked around the lake and I told her grampa's story about Davy-Down-The-Well. Great Grampa Carl's dog who fell down a well for nigh on five days, and he threw food and sticks and bullets down there, in an alternating fashion, and the dog came out safe and sound!

Things that make me happy:
1. This is like the fifth month in a row that I have had a period. Perhaps I have finally left puberty!
2. That last time I talked with Gramma Marcella it was really fun, and she was talking about how she was never regular either, and had never planned on getting pregnant, or had really wanted kids. And also how she kind of wanted a girl.
3. My new house. I like the people here, I like my room, I like how free I feel to do stuff. I made a big drawing of a buffalo today for Youbelongtoyou, I chatted with Carlos who found two of their chickens in the street, so he threw them back in the pen, and then was like, "Wait...didn't we have five chickens before?" and they were FOUND CHICKENS and now they are living here. That's three that are random, the cat brought one home before too.
4. That I finally finished that application to grad school and EVEN BETTER that they will let us know in March. So we don't have much longer to wait until we know for sure. (Lauren and I, that is).
5. That I might hang out with James again in the near future, but also that I don't need to.
6. That is more or less it, for right now. O!
7. That I have a huge box of Honey Nut Cheerios from GrossOut.
8. That I got an email from a prof at Penn State saying he will have transcription later.

Things that make me not so happy. Hmm, actually I don't want to think about those right now. I think about them all the time. But I'll put on here a few language things that I found today. So that's another fun thing; I practiced Russian and Spanish today, and it's been too long.

I just found Quizlet, which I believe has been around for forever. I made a stack of flashcards and they have games you can play with them, etc. It was actually fun, it was like learning to type all over again. I guess because I was playing a game where the definition moves across the screen and you have to type out the word before it gets to the other side. Which typing in cyrillic is excruciatingly time consuming for me, so I get kind of hopped up and really engaged. So I like that. Now I need an app to run it on my phone.
The other one was Lenguajero- Oh geez. I just spent another twenty minutes on there. But it's the typical community where you can chat with people but I like that they have writing prompts that people respond to and then others critique them. It's fairly prompt feedback as well.
Okay, basta ya. Em vaig a la cama. Tinc set y son, y demà tindrá una cara, uf! de mort. A més a més demà em toca fer faina, Joel vindrá de hora per a netejar la casa, alhora que tots dues vivim fora del bog.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Business Images: Bogside Transcription

Awesome, right? Beck and I designed these as I was taking my business course. I will soon have a matching website, hooray!