Saturday, June 27, 2009

Punch this face in the face.

That's what Jade and I are calling the foto stills movie that we made yesterday. It is, my friends, amazing. You have to hear it played to Girl Talk. We also managed to memorize the Eminem part of the song which was very satisfying. Or almost memorize it. We're working on it. It's still hot, there is more work now. I have been burning oil and working on the fillet line. In an hour I get to go do that again, labeling. They are classy labels let me tell you. 
Here is what I painted in Jade's room. Okay, I have to go to lunch now but kisses to everybody and wish me luck labeling with Polish people. Here is how you say small fish: Mowa riba. 

He didn't do it because it hurt, you know.

Can we talk about one of the questions that has troubled humankind for months now? How can one side of Kira’s head look so good and the other side look so subpar? With every haircut? And also how come only pictures of me taken by Lauren look flattering? Otherwise completely unphotogenic? How did Beck get all those genes?

Also, how like high school it is here. Ridiculously so. Lauren and Jade and I all go do separate things and then at lunch we sit together at big benches and tables and talk about the other groups of people sitting around us. We even found a Pinky here, This Pinky we call him, who seemed really cool until he got super trashed and threatened Lauren and Marek with a knife last night, which is something That Pinky would never do.

I have had the last four or five days off, partly because there are no fish and partly because I have not gone out begging for it. Which at times I feel guilty about but then again, I have always been more focused on being happy than on being employed. And happy I have been. I am painting a GREAT painting in someone’s room; I’m very pleased. Below you will see a picture. I have been spending more time with Lauren and Jade than I have since, well, February I guess but before that it’s been seven years which is very good for my mental health and reminds me that I used to be a very different person. Which I would like to reincorporate somewhat because they are both some of the coolest people in the whole world. Speaking of which here is perhaps my favorite foto of Lauren ever.

I have also been doing some good Spanish practice, I have met some really cool people and practiced interpersonal communication skills. I have been reading out loud with Jade and drinking and I laugh really hard at something at least once a day. I’m basically doing all of my very favorite things and I don’t even have to cook for myself, which actually we can count as another favorite thing.

It’s obviously too good to last.

We should be getting fish soon and then I suppose I can start freaking out and being unhappy and getting good at my job and making money.

I have to say it is very satisfying so far, my job, and I hope that I get very proficient and everybody can say, “Well, I guess Kira is the best bin girl we’ve had since Jade or that Russian last year,” and talk about how cool I was. Or am, because maybe I will come back. We have to see how it goes once there are some 18 hr days. But really, who will help facilitate the extinction of salmon if not me? It’s rather weird to be knee deep in a steel bin of salmon with all their mouths open looking at you. They are very beautiful fish.  Here is the mural that I'm painting right now. It's pretty cool. And then, just to finish things out here is me dominating at thumb wrestling. This is right before my decisive win against Jade and Lauren's friend Matt Hart Fels.