Tuesday, October 27, 2009

porque la abuela fuma

This was baking night at Jade´s. The beauty in front is Beatrice, friend of Jade and awesome extraordinaire and the one on the left is Mari who should move to wherever I´m living. I met her in Alaska. We made: baked tofu, baked autumn vegetables, carrot bread, berry muffins and breakfast bread. It was intense.
This trip was so different. I didn´t got take advantage of any of the tourist stuff. No museums, no shows, no nothing but just hung around with awesome people. And saw Where the Wild Things Are.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New York Update (as I leave) or Consciousness: It's Totally Rad

It being 2 am and me still needing to transcribe I'm going to make this quick. 
1. Ja fatch? (what are you doing?)
2. Labaжu (the biggest of losers)

Things I trust:
1. My knees (kira
2. Joel (kira)
3. Nature (James)
4. PhDs (Jade)
5. The Ocean (to kill me) (Patrick)
6. My Doctor (Patrick)

Things I don't trust:
1. The Ocean (kira)
2. My Car (kira)
3. Cellular Biology (Mari)
4. My Period (Mari)
5. Student Goverment (Patrick)


But it wasn't quite over, even when we left. Because thankfully I still didn't have to face real life or my Alaska withdrawals yet! When I got to the airport Cашка and Maшa were there waiting for me, with my name written in Russian (кира)! It was seriously the most adorable thing ever. I love when people you don't expect come to meet you at the airport. 
After arriving I seriously didn't want to do anything but hang out with Beck and Phi in Seattle, where I was completely disconnected from any kind of responsibility, or talk with other people who had been in AK. 

So we enjoyed the beautiful weather, went to the science center, tried to meet up with people who have no cell phone which I have decided is a horrible thing to do to people who you are visiting. But then they left.

Okay, so just so everybody can feel okay

Alaska was actually great. Well, no, okay it was actually horrible. But as a defense mechanism the brain apparently only remembers the great parts. And there were for sure some great parts. I'll put on some pictures as proof. Like the one above, one of the many charts Lauren and Felicia and I made. Or to the right here you can see the time Felicia freaked out because Juan and Lenin trashed her room. That was fun. 
And anyway overall it was, and this is honest, pretty lifechanging. It's not often you get to go places that take you completely out of your normal life, that give you a conveinient break where you can say, "Okay, everthing before this can stop, everything that comes after this could be totally different." Also, it was great not to have to drive or commute for longer than a three minute walk to anywhere or cook for myself or do laundry. So it was a positive experience overall. And see here's the TV we threw in the ocean one night. Several times. 
although this is how we felt for the last few weeks.