Thursday, September 20, 2007

pre-mexico party

So, yes, we are having a party and you had better come!
As you can see from the invite it is a costume party (outlaw/bandido/western themed) and it's on Saturday Oct. 13 starting at about seven pm. We are going to make some delicious homemade pastas and you should bring some sort of sauce. Or drinks.

Here are directions:

Coming from I-5 (either north or south) take exit number 104 for ABERDEEN/PORT ANGELES

Then you go for a long time and take the branch on the right that goes to 101 and SHELTON

Then you take the next exit, which is the STEAMBOAT ISLAND exit. The exit ramp T's and you go left towards the gas stations. Pass Chevron and you come to a stop sign. This is STEAMBOAT ISLAND RD. Go right.

After you pass the fire station and across the street from a power station looking thing you turn RIGHT onto GRAVELLY BEACH ROAD.

Follow this and then turn RIGHT on KEATING RD. It is a wooden sign kind of high up. It's creepy looking.

Then turn RIGHT at the fourth set of mailboxes. There is a sign on one that says STEAMBOAT ISLAND WORM FARM.


GO SLOWLY OR MY LANDLORD GETS MAD. GO NO MORE THAN 10 MPH. also there are potholes, so it's better for your car. Go down the driveway and pass two schoolbuses and then you will come to a right hand turn with a sign with a turtle on it that says, "go slow" or a similar phrase. Turn RIGHT. Then keep following the driveway until you get to the garden and that's where we park!

See you there!

Kira + Joel