Thursday, May 15, 2014

Still kicking


 Can't believe this blog is still up. I guess I should back up all these entries someday. I'm in the GIS lab at SPSCC in Olympia (still, of course, although I realized I only have like one real post since I moved here. Even though I've changed so so much. I never had like people to hang out with 24/7 before I moved into town. Now I still don't, but there was a golden age there for a minute where I was renaissancing. I'm including Kilian Eng stuff, because it's so amazing and what I would love to be doing.
 I don't do any art anymore though, well, some tiny tiny things. But I'm doing school full time for programming. And I can't manage to make that work together somehow. Thinking about moving to Walla Walla actually to finish this degree. Apparently they have a pretty good program and I've almost maxed the attractive classes here.